Usability Architects, Inc.
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Usability Architects is proud to be associated with the following companies:

Crestwood Crestwood Associates is a marketing research and consulting firm dedicated to understanding and harnessing the momentum of emerging trends to enable marketers to profitably seize new opportunities. The firm provides both syndicated and custom insights that are designed to not only enlighten, but to also provide tactical implications. The firm prides itself in developing implications that go far beyond the statistical analysis, to anticipate and provide for future market segments.

Deborah J. Mayhew & Associates has been providing courseware and consulting on all aspects of usability engineering and user interface design since 1986. The company consults on the design of traditional business software and Web applications, as well as specialized software-driven products such as medical, factory and security equipment. Dr. Mayhew, owner and principal of the firm, has written, coauthored or contributed to four books on usability engineering and user interface design.

Usability Systems, Inc., has been the usability industry's premier supplier of integrated lab systems for over a decade. The company's portable Micro-ULabŪ system combines the highest quality technical craftsmanship with an easy-to-set up and easy-to-use design. Usability Systems, Inc., also designs and builds custom stationary labs according to the customers budget and needs. In 1999, Usability Systems, Inc., has expanded its product offerings with the introduction of UsabilitywareTM, software designed for the usability professional. Usability