Usability Architects, Inc.

The Usability Process


Success in developing usable products requires that usability be designed into the product. Systematic application of user-centered design techniques and human factor practices are needed to build usability into a product or system.

These practices offer a means of quantifying, designing, and testing the user interface with the goal of providing a product which is functionally complete and which is consistent and appropriate to the user, the task and the environment in which it will be used.

Best results are obtained from introducing usability engineering early into the development cycle - resulting in better initial designs and reduced development churn.

Initial usability efforts will characterize the intended users of the product, provide an understanding of how those people work and the environment in which they work.

Together with concept development, task analysis, and user-centered design these techniques will suggest opportunities for expressing product features as well as identifying constraints the user interface must adhere to. Coupled with innovative design, these efforts will result in products that are easy to learn and use and which encourage and excite the user.

Usability Architects, Inc. will work with your company to introduce methods for understanding the user, establishing usability goals, developing product concepts, performing early design evaluation, and formal usability testing.